Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is This Service For Me?

Answer: Boomers Errand Service serves a number of clients which include:

    • Baby Boomers (50+) desiring the freedom and flexibility to spend time as they choose.
    • Older Adults (65+) who are independent; yet, occasionally need an extra hand with certain household tasks
    • Family caregivers working long hours need a helping hand or who want to spend more time with their loved ones.
    • Out of town, elder caregivers who need someone to help coordinate their parents schedules in their absence.
    • Sandwich generation who need to help balancing aging parent’s needs with their children’s needs

Question: Can’t I just get my family to help?

Answer: Of course you can; however, with increased work schedules and personal demands, an added responsibility takes a toll on your loved one. Other seniors have loved ones that live in other states. When they visit, they prefer spending time with their loved one–not doing chores and running errands.

Question: Can’t I use a homecare agency?

Answer: Of course you can; however, we provide a specialized focus on lifestyle management. Boomers Errand Service is backed by knowledge and experience in advising seniors and their families. We are there to assist you in daily living, challenging times, and major transitions. Homecare agencies have a core competency in personal care which includes bathing, grooming, and other activities of daily living. They typically work with clients after they become sick or disabled. We work with client in optimal health as well as declining health. Many of our clients use us for our expertise and access to resources that such agencies do not provide. We can save you time, money and a lot of headaches!

Question: Why is this service important?

Answer: First, seniors and family caregivers are working longer. Calling out of work constantly places a higher strain on employee-employer relationships and ultimately, career longevity. Second, with advancements in healthcare, older adults are constantly on the go! These adventurous individuals need someone with the know-how to take care of things in their absence. Third, some seniors will experience conditions that will decrease their ability to do things they are used to doing; however, they still value their independence from family members. Family relationships can become “transactional” where the caregiver feels that every time, he or she has to see mom, she has to also run her errands, do her laundry, and clean up her yard. Many seniors feel they are a bother to their family members. This may place a huge strain on relationships.

Boomers Errand Service helps our clients get back to enjoying the things that matter the most to them. Boomers Errand Service operates based on the most basic of premises: Seniors want things done, but just do not have the time, ability or support to do them. Our goal is to bring balance and rhythm to our clients’ lives through our outsourcing their to-do list.

Question: What makes your service unique?

Answer: Unlike non-medical senior care companies, we do not simply focus on healthcare or personal care. There are many other factors that will affect our elders’ well-being as well. We take a caring approach and attempt to reduce the stress faced by many seniors and caregivers by providing an extra hand to keep their home intact and provide seniors access to resources quickly and efficiently.

Question: I don’t want strangers in my house. What if I don’t like them?

Answer: We are a reputable local business and and the owner is very active in the community. Any employee or service provider is thoroughly screened. We strive to find the right fit and provide a single Lifestyle Coordinator or service professionals with whom you become familiar and no longer consider a stranger.

Question: Who uses your services?

Answer: Boomers Errand Services supports baby boomers, caregivers, and older adults who need more time, want to remain in their own homes, or those who are in transition to a smaller home or other senior living arrangements.

Question: What Do You Do For Senior Residential Communities?

Answer: Our service also supports seniors in nursing facilities, continuing care retirement communities, assisted living facilities that want to take their service to another level. We can provide personalized attention to our clients so you can focus on your core competencies. The services we provide to individual clients can be catered these communities. We will help their clients move into their facilities, and we will provide errand services at the facility.

Question: Do you accept insurance?

Answer: Because we do not provide skilled nursing care, which are covered by Medicaid or Medicare. Boomers Errand Service  is a private pay company. This means we bill you directly and receive payments from you through check or credit card only.

Question: Are materials, expenses and taxes included in your hourly rate?

Answer: No they are not; they are the responsibility of the client.

Question: How Do I Make Requests?

Answer: It’s easy…CALL US at (818)-451-7662 . We are constantly working with members, so if no one is available to answer at the moment please leave a message and a Lifestyle Manager will contact you.

Question: What is your privacy policy?

Answer: The privacy of our clients is of the utmost importance to Boomers Errand Service . All business, personal and credit card information collected by Boomers Errand Service / Senior Mooove, will remain private and confidential. We do not sell information. The only time we share any information about our clients to third party members is when the client needs a referral and that is based on your permission.